Indian Sunglasses

Indian Sunglasses

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Indian Sunglasses:For athletes who break the rules: Most Indian sunglasses are unisex. They will accompany you on all your adventures. These polarized sunglasses are ideal for boys and girls with a square, elongated, round or triangular face. They are available in different color combinations that adapt to your lifestyle and personality.

High-quality Indian Sunglasses Features: Unisex mount men/women | High-performance UV400 Protection | CAT.3 Polarized Lenses | Ultra-lightweight - Polycarbonate Mount | Sunglasses come with Microfiber Case | Cleans & Stores Glasses | Stickers Included/Awesome Box (excellent presentation)

Bondi sunglasses are recognized in more than 30 countries. Bondi has developed a reputation and is well-known for its exceptional quality, specifically the following attributes:

        1 - Style  2 - Functionality  3 - Durability  4 - Value Great Quality - at a very low price.


Uller®: Read description below for a brief overview of Uller Sport.

Note Brand: Uller - Goggles were originally designed as ski and snowboard goggles (and masks) but were also being used in many other high-level sports.

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HIGH TECH PERFORMANCE OPTICS X-POLAR LENS TECHNOLOGY In Uller® we have the most advanced technology in optics in the world. With our High-tech Performance Optics X-POLAR lenses we achieve a definition and clarity above normal that allows us a spectacular contrast and color. 

CHARACTERISTICS: Unisex size for men and women | X-POLAR lenses with Dual Layer Anti-fog double layer system to prevent fogging with UV-400 protection | Internal ventilation system with anti-condensation for progressive air recirculation and guaranteeing the best possible visibility | Anti-Slip Strap tape for a perfect fixation of the glasses to the helmet. • Frame made of thermoplastic polyurethane of maximum lightness | Microfiber Case and Stickers included 

PREMIUM QUALITY ABOVE EVERYTHING Our ski and snowboard goggles are created by and for free riders. High technical performance to ensure the best performance and maximum reliability in the most extreme conditions during Freeride practice. Our ski masks are created from the needs that our free riders team demands on the product both in materials and in comfort. Once the products have been tested, we collect all the necessary information to be able to develop the necessary modifications at the factory until the requirements are met. They are premium products of the highest level.

CASE AND CASE SET | Each box comes with the following elements: • Uller® mask • Flexible microfiber cover • Cleaning suede • Brand stickers 

HIGH TECH PERFORMANCE OPTICS X-POLAR LENS TECHNOLOGY In Uller® We have the most advanced technology in optics in the world. 

With our High-tech Performance Optics X-POLAR lenses We achieve a definition and clarity above normal that allows us a spectacular contrast and color. It has great sharpness. We managed to increase the contrast and fidelity of the colors thus improving the vision of the environment and the relief. We manufacture the lenses with the best materials to achieve greater resistance and hardness against impacts as well as greater protection against ultraviolet radiation. All this without neglecting the lightness that gives you greater comfort.