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The Tire Inflator | Portable Air Compressor / Tire Pump | Inflates Car Tires, Bike Tires, Balls and more 


The four key components to a great portable Tire Inflator | Air Compressor | Tire pump (Air Pump):  


1 - Compact - It must be compact, easily stored in a car, truck, van, or motorcycle, and very easy to use.  


2 - Durable | Sturdy - It must not break. It must be reliable.  


3 - Powerful - It must have enough pounds per square inch (psi) to seamlessly inflate a car tire and get the driver back on the road quickly. You need 100psi to easily fill a car tire. 


4 - Price | Cost - Of course it must be a great deal. All four of these components are equally valuable and to me these four key features are the reason for the purchase to begin with. Compared to other air compressors | tire inflators in its category, this one is in a league of its own based on the top four features for top functionality and safety. 


It is easy for anyone to use and takes seconds to hook up.  




     1 - plug the cord into your vehicle's lighter outlet  


     2 - place the air nozzle over the tire's air valve  


     3 - flip the button to “ON”  


     4 - watch the tire inflate inflate the tire until it shows the desired tire pressure, most car tires recommend 32psi or 33psi  

Additional Features and Value:  

Multifunctional Air Pump Inflates 

  •      Motorcycle tires  

  •      Footballs 

  •      Basketballs 

  •      Soccer balls 

  •      Volleyballs  

  •      Rafts 

  •      Air mattresses 

  •      Toys 

  •      various other inflatables. 


This mini-air compressor offers and provides great value. There are many benefits and multiple uses for this mini air compressor at a great if not exceptional price. It is loaded with VALUE, value-packed, if you will. 


Anyone that drives should have one in their car, truck, or other vehicle. 


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