KBL Activewear

KBL Activewear

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Shoppers can save time when searching or shopping with these Random Facts about KBL ActiveWear

  • Primarily women's activewear with over 400 different clothing apparel products 

  • Women's Fitness Apparel, e.g., leggings (yoga pants / tights), sports bras and tops, shorts & yoga shorts, various other fitness apparel products make up more than half of KBL ActiveWear's total collection

  • Women's Clothing Apparel, e.g., jeans, trousers, capris, pants, tops, halter tops, shirts, t-shirts, blouses, sweaters, dresses, skirts, underwear, panties, thongs, women's swimwear, two-piece swimwear, bikini sets, one-piece swimwear

  • Quickly becoming recognized as "name brand" having high quality women's fitness apparel/clothing  

  • KBL Active has several high-quality collections made in Italy and a few made in Brazil | High-quality fabrics & craftsmanship | Fabrics and other components are chosen based on functionality

Categorized products: 

Jackets | Men's Shirts | Shirts, Blouses & Sweaters | Jumpsuits & Rompers | Leggings |  Swimwear |Skirts & Skorts | Dresses | Sports Bras & Tops | Sets | Underwear | Jeans & Pants | Activewear Sets | Accessories

Note: KBL e-commerce also categorizes products based on Google’s taxonomy further optimizing Google searches